The Hillywood Show® will be there! Will you be there too?


  1. Can’t wait to see you guys in Orlando next weekend!!

  2. So totally there! Eastern and Serene. This time I am going to actually get a photo with the group instead of taking them :/

  3. Amy

    GAH! I live in GA…:(

  4. Diana

    Hi ….que tal chicos soy admiradora de sus parodias ….son muy divertidas!!! sigan asi ok!
    you are so funny guys!…saludos desde Ecuador.

  5. Joey TheParrot

    I wanna be there., but I live in California.

  6. Ashley

    when will you guys be around the new england area im from derry nh and would love too meet you guys!!!!!

  7. Dayna

    You guys should come to Orlando!!!!

  8. Nicole

    I wish I could be there! I live in Maryland sorry…

  9. Sarah

    Can you buy the movie at 8:00 when u are going to be there and if so can u sign it ? Thank You for everything u do :)

  10. Anna

    Gahh!!!!! I wish i could go to meet y’all again! I made my parents drive all the way from La( louisiana). to Dallas to meet ya’ll i don’t think they’ll drive me to NV to meet them again :(

  11. Natalie

    Ya’ll should totally come to Tennessee!! Love ya’ll!

  12. Leslie Stolfe

    I’d be there if I lived in Las Vegas, but alas I am in upstate NY. I’d love to meet them someday.

  13. Tori L

    I’ll see you guys at the WalMart on Eastern and Serene!!! I can’t wait ^_^

  14. Ashlee Owens

    I wish that you would all come back to California! I live in Sonora and I would absolutley love to meet you guys. I’ve been a fan forever and I just haven’t had they money to go to one of the Twilight conventions to go and see you! So, please at least consider it? -She asks hopefully-

  15. Cynthia Delgado

    I love the twilight saga parody!!! You guys r genius!!! U rock!!! I will love to see more video parody of you!!! XD

  16. Sia

    Wish you were coming to Utah ! But I hope you have a good time !

  17. grace

    Wow great i wish you could come to england it would mean a loyt to meeee because im disabled and it would be amazing if i could see you please please read this!!!:(:)

  18. tanya

    you guys should come to Louisville!

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  20. Cynthia Schneider

    OMG!!! so my friend showed me the twilight, the newmoon, and the eclipse hillywood show 2 days ago and I am HOOKED!!! NOW I hear that you guys are going to be here in VEGAS!!! SHUT UP!!! I am soooo going to be there! I am so excited to meet you guys and I am going to let everyone know if they don’t already. I have to go to the one on Eastern and Serene because of the timing but you guys got an instant fan here!!

  21. Megan:)

    come back to New York!…i met you guys in Jersey and i was like…having a panic attack…i have your autographs and they r like..my most prized possession:)…love you guys<3

  22. Taralynn

    it probably wont happen BUT….you guys should come to Montana!!! No one, and I mean NO ONE ever comes here…except Chaske Spencer (SAM) he came to Billings a few months ago cause hes from this great state!! I hope to make it to an event you all will be at someday, love all your videos!! :)

  23. Amanda Lima Aires

    I’m a fan of your work. The Hindi sisters are very good actresses. When you do something, you do the best.

    My congratulations.

  24. sunne schuerman

    I just want to let you know that I love what you guys are doing! I look forward more to your parodies than I do the movie because you guys can make me laugh. Thank you so much for all of the effort you put into your shows. It is amazing how great you guys are. Please post if you guys are EVER doing something close to Oklahoma. I would love to be there! :D

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  26. Ugh! You should come to Cape Girardeau, Missouri Walmart. :c

  27. Stephanie D

    I like the fact that I’m not even gonna buy the dvd but I’m gonna drive the 20 mins from my house just to meet you guys! Well worth it! :)

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  32. annie wells

    the eclipse dvd is out all of you should come to block buster

  33. annie wells

    all of you should come to my house

  34. Bree Thomas

    I wish I could come! :(

  35. I WISH I COULD BE THERE!!!!!!!!!! LIVE IN BORING OKLAHOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Alas I live in WA , and won’t make it, plus to tired to stay up that late.

  37. cinders23

    Can’t believe we were in Las Vegas for a conference & had a chance to meet the Hillywood gang (glad we had a rental car!) Made it to the WalMart on Craig. What a great bunch of people! We love their extremely clever, spot-on parodies. Thanks for the signed photo for my daughter, who would have loved to have been there. We are looking forward to your next project!

  38. molly

    ok so i went to walmart on december 3rd at 12:00 am sharp and no party nuthin it made me and my friend ava really mad and they didnt even have it on the shelves yet but anyways i LOVE your show ttfn

  39. Olivia

    How/Where can i purchase a Hillywood DVD Eclipse/Newmoon/twilight!! You guys should really Make those

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