The boy Wizard, Harry Potter takes over Rebecca Black’s Friday! Here’s a parody every Muggle, Squib, Mudblood, Witches & Wizard will enjoy! Bloody hell, we even have a feeling “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” would approve. The end may be near, but not without a celebration…

The Hillywood Show® presents you with: HARRY POTTER FRIDAY PARODY! Now, let’s destroy a Horcrux!

Thanks for watching, enjoy & God bless. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Okay in all honestly, as an HP fan, I was worried about this parody. But as usual it was BRILLIANT, FANTASTICAL, FUNNY and I loved that you added Mad Eye and Dobby. Way to go ladies.

  2. Wonderful Canada Day Surprise. Great job again girls.

  3. The parody was well worth the wait. Hilly and Hannah, you two did such a good job! Classic, taking the song Friday and using it so well. Not using dialogue was different and a good move. Keep up the good work! From a devoted fan. :)

  4. I have to admit that this video is not as good as the older ones. The only scene, which I really like, is only in the cinema. But maybe it is because I don´t understand everything in the song.

  5. Beautiful parody, ladies! You are sooo talented and dedicated. You should have your own TV show. Keep spoofin’ it!

    With all the Hillywood Show love I could ever give,

    A super-fan =)

  6. AMAZING i love harry potter i am a MASSIVE fan and honestly i was scared when i heard the song friday but it was seriously cool keep up the good work girls :D xxxxx

  7. I’m so lovinh this parody, amazing job!

  8. It’s excellent! The parody is brilliant! I loved the video, it has a great production, and I laughed so much!
    I did not know your page, it was the first video I saw and i liked it so much, I’m a big fan of the harry potter saga, I’m sad it had to finish :( haha, your work is amazing! keep filming!
    Greetings from South America. (:

  9. this parody is awesome you guys are amazing!

  10. That was really really good!
    So good infact I got that song suck in my head,
    and was singing it at work yesterday! :-)
    Oh! And Hilli, I don’t how you did it, but the snakes scean was awsome! (and I hate snakes)

  11. Madison has Twitter? ? she’s so beautiful???

  12. Brazil loves Hillywood Show! This parody it’s amazing!

  13. LOVED IT… I wonder if you could disclose the lyrics?

  14. I love this new parody so much! I have been a long time fan of you guys and absolutely love ya’ll! And for the comment on lyrics… watch it 10-15 times by section and the lyrics are eventually known… i’m not obsessed i swear haha.

  15. dobby is soooo similiar and my Lord the python is TRUE O_O how hilly can do this, very brave one!

  16. Okey,I’m from Croatia,and as a big fan of Harry Potter i thought this is going to be like bad thing for HP,but actually i like it a lot.And behind the scenes,you were brilliant.I really love it.So I was thinking,

    What about you make other Hp parodies? :)

  17. Es un muy video espectacular, me asombraron muchas escenas inesperadas. Como fanática de HP le doy un okey, se lo he pasado a la mayoría de amigas y he recibido asombrosas críticas positivas. También vimos las de Luna Nueva y son magníficas.

  18. Such a good parody! I watch it all the time, the song is so good. Are you two going to release a video showing how to do the dance moves from the parody? Ya’ll did such a good job on them.

  19. Loved this one just as much as your other parodyx can’t get the song out of my head. Great job, well done!!!x great job with the makeup as well, and effects quite realisticxx

  20. that’s really fantastic, i laughted so much. congratulations!!!

  21. I recommend you to anyone who likes parodies! Hillywood show you are amazing! Great! I like you so much. I’m from Poland;)

  22. Wow that is the BEST Harry Potter parody ever!! I saw it for the first time today and already have the whole thing memorized! I really like the lyrics, and not just because they are funny. They really go well with the song. I love that dance at the end! It looks like fun for someone with dancing skills, unlike me!

  23. Wow, it’s amazing!! Better than Friday! Will it be available to download?

  24. I saw this a few hours before I went to the Midnight premier of Part 2, Thought it was hilarious, keep filming!

  25. hello. Hilly Hindi could you pass me your msn?

  26. I think that you should put your parodies on itunes so that people can download them because I would gladly pay to download them. All your parodies are fantastic and I absolutely loved all of them.

  27. you should do how to make-up videos

  28. Amy

    Hi girls! Love all your parodies but this is definitely my fav! Thank you so much for sharing your behind the scenes work with us- it was great to see all the work that goes into it. God bless!

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