The Hillywood Show’s® Next Parody is…

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody by The Hillywood Show® is coming soon! Who’s excited?!  Even we’re fangirling!

16 Responses to The Hillywood Show’s® Next Parody is…

  1. Hello Hilly & Hannah,
    You two are really doing a terrific job making parodies of different movies. Keep up a job well done.
    Best of Luck,
    From Maryann M. Faucher

  2. Valerie B

    Hi girls!
    You are so talented ladies it’s amazing what you guys can do! Please please please do one of Breaking Dawn part 2! I already know you will do one but im just supporting you here :P
    Much love from Canada, Ontario

  3. Beth Stephens

    Don’t forget to do a Breakng Dawn part 2 parody.

  4. poli

    I was so sure Breaking Dawn 2 was going to be the next parody! I’m really looking foward to it, but hey! The Hobbit!!!! It was totally unexpected!!! not just because I expected something else, but I never though you would make a hobbit parody! I should know better. Now I want to see you girls doing it! I can’t even imagine how that’s going to be… I only know it is probably going to be greeeaaat!

  5. vero

    Hey girls, you´re amazing!!!
    i really enjoy your job, and i´m waiting for the parody of the last part of twilight!!!

    my best wishes from Mexico!!!

    Son grandiosas!! :D

  6. cordelia p

    your parodies are the best :)

    from colombia

  7. Nice. I don’t even like the lord of the rings, but now I HAVE TO watch a Hobbit. Njah…

  8. Nice. I don’t even like the lord of the rings, but now I HAVE TO watch Hobbit. Hope it’s not boring. Your biiiig fan!!!
    Oulu, Finland.

    Come to Finland sometime!!!!!!

  9. LadyN

    ¡God! I read in your tumblr one time that You’ll do in a future a parody about this incredible world. And here it is! ¡God I’m so excited! I am impatient to see how this will evolve.

    Love from Spain.

  10. Beatrice Andersson


    You are amazing i love the hillywood show! You girls are Hill-arious :) I’m really looking forward to `The Hobbit: An unexpected parody´ greetings from a fan from Sweden!

  11. Lucy

    when will be parody on the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn part 2? :D

  12. Yay!!! A film from new zealand has finally gone viral! best country eva thank you to the hillywood team!

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  14. Kaya

    Hi, I love your parrodies. If I could suggest do the next of Breaking Dawn part 2.
    Good luck in your projects!
    My best wishes form Poland.

  15. Hello Hilly & Hannah,
    You girls did a great job making a Hobbit parody. Your video came out really good. Keep up a job well done. Keep making more Parodies.
    From Maryann M. Faucher

  16. Katelyn

    I love your parodies…they are super creative and lot’s of fun. :) keep it up :)

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