Hannah was born on April 1.  She has a younger sister named, Hilly.

Hannah, has been dancing for twenty-one years and teaching/instructing dance for fifteen years.  She takes various styles of dance…IE: Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop.  During her twenty-one years of dancing, she has received honors, certificates, and medals from “The Royal Academy of Dance” and also from “The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing” in London, England.  Hannah has performed in numerous church functions, conventions, and concerts.

Following the path of becoming a professional dance instructor, Hannah was examined by top examiners/instructors and received two degrees:  A Tap degree & a Jazz Degree from “The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing”.  She is currently studying for a Ballet Degree and also studying more about choreography.

In 2006, Hannah entered “Miss Nevada” and placed in the ‘Top 10 Finalists’.  It was a great learning experience for her.

Hannah is the ‘Director’ of “The Hillywood Show”.  She also is the ‘Make-Up Artist’, ‘Writer’, and ‘Co-Star’.

There are many various opportunities that Hannah wishes to follow.  Everything from ‘Dance’ to ‘Motion Pictures’ is her passion.  “Whatever God wishes to open up for me, I’ll follow,” she says.



Birthdate: April 1st

Siblings: Younger sister, Hilly Hindi

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 4’11

Weight: 95lbs



•Taught her first dance class when she was 9 years old.

•She has great interest in Make-up FX and Cinematography.

•Had to wear black contact lenses for “Twilight” because she has naturally blue eyes when Alice’s eyes are supposed to be black/topaz.

•Her first appearance in “The Hillywood Show®” was in Episode 2.

•Participated in Miss Nevada Pagent ’07 and placed top 10.

•Mrs. Lovett was Hannah’s favorite character to impersonate in “The Hillywood Show™”.

•Admires directors, Steven Spielberg & The Coen Brothers.

•Has two dogs: Rocky and Bartok.


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