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    WATCH IT NOW 🚲 🌲


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    🙃 ¿ɹǝlᴉɐɹʇ ɹǝsɐǝʇ ɐ ǝsɐǝlǝɹ ǝʍ plnoɥS


  • monkeyhats-deathfrisbees-andafez:

    The story that I’ve been telling everyone all day:

    So yesterday (April 29th) I worked the Hillywood panel at the Calgary Expo, which was awesome. I got to have a short chat with them after, and they were running a “buy anything on our table, get a selfie free” thing that day, so I stopped by a while later. They remembered me from the panel, and gave me a free autograph because I was a volunteer for that.

    The today I worked their other panel, and afterwards the room manager told me I could talk to them again for a moment while I was collecting their feedback forms. I had a lovely chat with Hilly about everything from their video parody songs, to the way celebrities should be treated like regular people (she appreciated how normal the crew were acting around them), to the movie Hocus Pocus (because Hilly did the song for that one and it’s my fave Halloween movie).

    And then…. You guys…. SHE asked to hug ME! I was like “Can YOU hug ME?? Can I hug YOU!?” It was amazing. Then she told me to tweet them, and her people had to almost drag her away because they were due at photo ops soon. It made my entire weekend. Even the nasty stuff that happened later in the day and my incredibly painful feet aren’t putting a damper on this weekend. Mostly because of those amazing interactions.


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