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Hunger Games Parody


The Hunger Games Parody has arrived and the world is watching…

It’s the night before the 74th Hunger Games and Caesar Flickerman couldn’t be more ready for the televised interviews. The fashion-forward, bizarre television host is making sure all of the Tributes, act, dress and look their best to please the flamboyant, wealthy, appearance-obsessed Capitol citizens!

Whether you’re a Capitol fashionista seeking an entertaining chuckle or a District citizen yearning for a smile, The Hillywood Show’s® Hunger Games Parody delivers! It’s time to sport your finest District garb, grab a seat and watch! This Hunger Games Parody is on FIRE!

Happy Hunger Games! May our parody be ever in your favor…

This parody has been sanctioned for the consumption of District Citizens.

Song parody from the original song “FASHIONISTA”
Vocals & Lyrics by: JIMMY JAMES
Music by: Markus Moser / Frank Knebel
“Hunger Games” vocals by: Jeff Barringer

Thanks for watching and God bless.