The Hillywood Show® Parodies
What Hillywood® is most famous for! Including the famous Twilight Saga parodies, The Vampire Diaries parody and more!

The Hillywood Show® Sketches
Short humorous sketches including Hillywood’s® newest Harry Potter sketch!

The Hillywood Show® Holiday Specials
Christmas, Halloween and Lady Gaga? These holiday specials are worth seeing!

The Hillywood Show® Episodes
Episodes 1-15, featuring characters like, Jack Sparrow, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and much more.

The Hillywood Show’s® Official Behind the scenes/bloopers
See what goes on behind the curtain of The Hillywood® Show’s amazing parodies and get an exclusive look of what it’s really like on set! From make-up, wardrobe, outtakes and more these official behind the scenes/blooper videos cover it all!

Non-Official Behind the Scenes videos from Fans on the Set
Watch from fans/extras perspectives on what’s it like to be on the set of The Hillywood® Show! Their sneaky cameras capture what the sets are really like when the cameras aren’t rolling!


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