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13 min   |   English   | 300K Views

The Nice and Accurate Parody of Good Omens by The Hillywood Show® is finally, upon us! The Antichrist is coming, which means Aziraphale, an Angel, and Crowley, a Demon, must find a way to end Armageddon. The Hillywood Show® brings you a glorious parody, filled with ineffable surprises! Can we get a wahoo?


Featuring fan favorite moments, screen accurate costume/sets and surprise cameos (NEIL GAIMAN, DANIEL MAYS, MAGGIE SERVICE and even, the screen-used Bentley from S1), this parody, based on the best-selling novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, brings about the excitement of Amazon Prime Video’s GOOD OMENS SEASON 2!

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