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    Let me tell you something about Hilly and Hannah Hindi apart from the fact that they are rockstars and amazing media people. 

    Hilly and Hannah Hindy are phenomenal speakers on panels and have given some amazing and incredible advice, especially at the GeekyCon 2015 Internetting While Female Pattern. I’ve probably spammed them enough today, which is why I’ll wait a bit before putting a status on Tumblr about them, but during that panel they, along with the other panelists, were asked about how they have dealt with haters and what advice they would give to themselves when they were just starting out. While Tessa Netting, Meghan Tonjes, and Leigh Lahav gave great advice, Hilly and Hannah’s response resonated the most with me.  They talked about how they were brought up and for Hilly how she has dealt with the messages and pushed through them, but one of the main things that they said was a metaphor. They compared the haters and neigh sayers to cockroaches, and what do cockroaches do when a light is turned on? 

    Scatter and run away.

    That light is each and every person that has imagination and feeling; each and every person that has an idea, a thought, a brainstorm, and/or a message that s/he wants to convey. These lights are us. The minute we shine bright is the minute the under dwellers and trollers run for cover. The cockroaches will run around and try to crawl but they won’t get anywhere near the light in each and every one of us. That metaphor really struck me because I had been bullied when I was younger and I never once thought about my health or my situation in that light. I am my own light and I should not let the cockroaches try to snuff it out. 

    Hilly and Hannah Hindi taught me that today and I wish to pass it on to all of you.

    I know I got the chance to thank you in person, Hilly and Hannah, and I’m sorry if it seems as if I won’t stop talking about this but it really hit home for me and it’s something that I want to thank you for every time I see you. It’s an incredible idea and I wish I had thought about haters and pressure in this way when I was younger.
    It’s truly amazing what each person has the potential of creating, and we should all strive to follow our aspirations and make our lights shine brighter than the starts above. Shine so bright that not even the darkest of places can keep us out.

    Thank you so very much, hannahhindi and @hillyhindi, for being more inspirational to everyone of your fans.

    Thanks for such kind words!  We’re so happy our little ramblings on stage meant something to you. Thanks for all the love, support and encouragement! And always keep your light shining bright!  Be strong for who God made you to be. x


    I will probably keep this metaphor in my heart forever. 


  • wayward-winchesterss:

    hillyhindi and hannahhindi are freaking bae and nothing you could say or do can convince me otherwise


  • photo from Tumblr


    We’re 50% of the way to to our goal for ‪Sherlock Parody! 😱 Come on team! Let’s all continue to work together so we can make this parody happen! 

    If you haven’t yet, please donate at: 💛

    Artwork by: Beth Freeman Art
    10% of all proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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