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  • Is The Hillywood Show® funded by a network, company or sponsor?
    No. Currently, The Hillywood Show® is fan funded and has been on Patreon since 2015.
  • How can I help support The Hillywood Show?
    There's a few different ways you can show your support! From joining Hillywood's Patreon, sending a One Time Donation, purchasing an item from the Shop, or even sharing Hillywood with your friends and family! Hilly & Hannah appreciate any and all forms of support! Click here to find out more information about Patreon or One Time Donations. 10% of all proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital.
  • What is The Hillywood Show's future goal?
    “Our goal is to begin pitching The Hillywood Show® to a network as a series. We are confident we can bring an exciting, new wave of content with cutting edge creativity to audiences around the world! We are looking for the right producer or studio to take The Hillywood Show® to the next level! We are, also, seeking representation and opportunities that will allow us to branch out onto further projects, outside of Hillywood. Hilly has a passion for acting, and Hannah, directing. We look forward to our next steps & the future God has in store for us!" - Hilly & Hannah
  • What are Hilly and Hannah's roles in The Hillywood Show?
    Hilly and Hannah wear multiple hats when working The Hillywood Show. Hilly acts, writes and edits, while Hannah directs and organizes pre-production. Together they are location scouts, set dressers, costumers, make up artists, and more.
  • What type of cameras does The Hillywood Show use?
    Since 2015, The Hillywood Show has been working with RED Cameras on productions. Equipment and gear provided by Blackwood.
  • Who creates the costumes?
    Hilly and Hannah's grandmother has helped with costumes and wardrobe for The Hillywood Show® since their beginnings. She worked as a seamstress for Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV for over forty years. Hilly and Hannah, also, work closely with a local Tailor/friend at Modern Tailoring in Las Vegas, NV for custom work. If other costumers are involved for certain productions, they will be listed in the credits.
  • Who is the makeup artist?
    Hilly and Hannah are the key makeup artists on The Hillywood Show, unless stated, otherwise, in the credits.
  • Where can I meet The Hillywood Show?
    Check Events to see if Hillywood will be coming to a town near you! If you do not see your location, e-mail your local Conventions with a guest request for The Hillywood Show®! The more fans that send in a request, to their local conventions, the more likely we will be connected with the organizers!
  • Where can I interact with fellow Hillywood Fans?
    There are two amazing ways Hillywood Fans can connect, more deeply, with each other! One, is being a part of our Patreon (where we have monthly zooms hangouts) and two, is by joining the Official Hillywood Discord Server! Your fellow Hillywood fans await...
  • Where can I get Autographs or Hillywood Merchandise?
    Visit! Your one stop shop for all things Hillywood!
  • How do I get in touch with The Hillywood Show?
    For business inquiries, see the Contact page. For general connection follow us on our social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, TikTok etc.). Hilly & Hannah love interacting fans!
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